Development Finance

Used to finance the construction, conversion or heavy refurbishment of buildings. The structure is typically short-term in nature and interest is rolled up to fund the project during the build only although the option exists to pay the interest monthly. On completion, the exit strategy is either the sale of the property or refinance onto a traditional BTL mortgage.

Borrowing will be calculated on either a Loan-To-Cost (LTC) or Gross Development Value (GDV) basis. Funds will then be drawn down in a staged release of funds on either a cost-based or valuation-based sequence.


Development finance is not to be confused with self-build mortgages which, although cheaper, are regulated and involve much stricter lender terms such as the applicant living in the property upon completion.


For both the experienced building company and the first time property developer, we have the contacts, and the knowledge, to achieve the best finance available to maximise the project profit. The ability to negotiate with lenders is never more important than in this finance sector. With more and more lenders entering this market, choosing the right broker to seek the finance for you can have a marked effect on the end result.